When broiled vegetables meet tofu in a glaze sauce.

Broiling is a delicate art, if you’re not careful things can get ugly. If you have a high and low setting, use your own discretion, but a high broil gets you to the finish line quicker.

It starts with a head of cheddar cauliflower. This type of cauliflower doesn’t break apart as easily as the white variety.
Remove the stem and cut into small bite sized pieces.


Cut some zucchini into slices


And yellow summer squash, after slicing cut into halves.


You use can a pan like this and mix the zucchini and squash with a coating of peanut oil, use the oil sparingly as you won’t need much.

Roughly 20 minutes is all it’ll take. You cue to remove is once they get brown around the edges.

This same process applies with the

cauliflower by the way. I had two stalks of broccoli that I added to the party, use the same process mind you.


Since you are in the process of cutting. Add some red and blue potatoes into the mix.

After 10 minutes in the broiler, add some freshly chopped chives and green onions and place back into the broiler for another 10 minutes.

During this broiling process take care to mix to ensure even cooking.


Here’s the glue that holds it together… Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki sauce, bring this to a simmer on the side and add your choice of protein…


I added some baked tofu that I cut into cubes.


Add the ingredients to the glaze…

And add to a bed of rice, I used Minute Rice, there is a multi-grain medley (brown, red, wild rice and quinoa).


The finished product in roughly 35 minutes. Viola


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